Company profile

Spoldzielnia Inwalidow “Zjednoczenie” in Nowa Deba a is a leading manufacturer of the automotive industry, which thanks to many years of experience and commitment of qualified employees, provides the highest quality services to renowned clients with an unquestionable international market position. Our company operates in the field of:

  • Production of steel pipe ducts for motor vehicles, construction machines and rail vehicles: fuel lines for diesel engines (injection), low-pressure fuel lines, oil lines, hydraulic hoses, brake hoses, air ducts, heating ducts, air conditioning ducts;
  • CNC bending of pipes in the range from Ø 4mm to Ø76mm x 5 mm and profiles in the range up to 60 x 60 x 5 mm;
  • machining on CNC machine tools;
  • cutting, milling, drilling, grinding, metal joining by screws, welding, electric and gas welding;
  • galvanizing general cargo and large-size elements;
  • technical tests of motor vehicles in the scope of tests A, B, T, C, E;
  • provision of health care, medical rehabilitation, outpatient physiotherapy.

Production is organized according to Just in time rules. Our Company implemented an integrated ERP class IT system. A modernly organized Industry is recognized as a sheltered workshop. He holds the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate and Concessions for conducting business activities in the field of manufacturing elements, parts and subassemblies for products for military or police purposes. Our goal is to obtain world-class products and the position of a leading manufacturer in the scope of our production program. We improve quality by improving production techniques and assuming responsibility for quality by all employees. Our business is focused on customer satisfaction – meeting its needs, requirements and expectations, while implementing Environmental Policy, we are able to reconcile business goals with care for the natural environment. We are convinced that the implementation of the objectives of the Environmental Policy serving the fulfillment of our mission will contribute to strengthening the high market position and good reputation of the company.