Diagnostic Station

We perform periodic technical inspections of motor vehicles in categories: A, B, C, T, E. We have a team of authorized diagnosticians having at their disposal a professional diagnostic station equipped with modern and branded devices. We provide measurement and diagnostics services for motor vehicles in the field of:

  • Computer measurement and diagnostics of braking systems;
  • Computer measurement and diagnostics of vehicle suspension;
  • Measurement and diagnostics of the steering system;
  • Computer measurement and diagnostics of the exhaust system as well as inspection of exhaust purity in terms of the correct combustion process and the content of acceptable concentrations of toxic factors created in the fuel combustion process;
  • Measurement and diagnostics of vehicle lighting and signaling systems;
  • General vehicle diagnostics for the purpose of assessing the safety of use and performing necessary repair and maintenance activities.

We also provide services in the field of:

  • Seasonal technical inspections;
  • Vulcanization services:
    – Tires swap,
    – Tire vulcanization,
    – Wheel balancing.