Spoldzielnia Inwalidow “Zjednoczenie” in Nowa Deba was established in 1957 as a result of liquidation and reorganization of local service companies operating at Zaklady Metalowe in Nowa Deba. The resulting SIZ took over multi-branch activities, which included running canteens, cafes, a milk bar, several grocery stores, bakeries and confectioneries, a vegetable garden, a fattening house, a laundry, a locksmith’s, shoemaker’s and tailor’s shop. Also launched a carbonated water plant, a food kiosk and a fruit and vegetable shop. For many years, SIZ played an important role on the local market of services provided to residents of Nowa Deba and the surrounding area, as well as on the labor market for people with disabilities. In addition to service and trade activities, the production of small household appliances was successfully introduced and developed at SIZ.

With the intense development of the automotive industry in Poland, the management of SIZ became interested in this segment of the market and decided to take advantage of the growing demand. In 2004 SIZ ceased production of household appliances, started the restructuring and modernization of the plant, and at the same time acquired new clients from the automotive industry. From that moment it specializes in the production of products for the automotive and defense industries. These are metal, metal and rubber cables: for power hydraulics, brakes, fuel, high pressure (injection), oil, air, for air conditioning heating systems and connectors for diesel engines, cars, vans, trucks, buses, commercial vehicles and military, rail vehicles, construction and agricultural machines from pipes, profiles, rods and wire.

Already in 2007, SIZ implemented a Quality Management System and obtained a certificate compliant with the ISO 9001 standard. Since 2012, the company also has an Environmental Management System in line with the ISO 14001 standard.

Thanks to consistently implemented product policy, constant concern for the highest quality of manufactured products as well as modernization of owned machinery park, SIZ quickly advanced to the group of well-known companies with specialized production.