Rehabilitation Treatments

Due to the nature of our company, which has the status of a Supported Employment Enterprise, employees with a higher level of disability can benefit from the rehabilitation services provided at the facility. Outpatient clinic with NFZ contract also supports patients referred from external doctor’s offices.

We carry out a wide range of physiotherapy treatments performed with the help of modern equipment by a professional physiotherapist. Our offer includes, among others treatments:

  • Treatments using magnetic fields (magnetronic);
  • Treatments using electromagnetic fields, so-called short-wave diathermy;
  • Treatments using polarized light, i.e. a laser;
  • Treatments using the ultrasonic wave ultrasounds;
  • Treatments in the field of electrotherapy, i.e .:
    – Diadynamic currents,
    – TENS currents,
    – Interference currents,
    – Kotz currents,
    – Trabert currents,
    – Electrostimulation,
    – Iontophoresis.
  • Treatments in the field of Sollux heat therapy;
  • Classic and water-vapor massage.

We also conduct exercises and rehabilitation for individual needs adapted to patients and specific disease entities. All treatments are performed by highly qualified personnel with many years of professional experience. In the clinic there is a possibility of using services in a private doctor’s office, in which a specialist neurologist and rehabilitation specialist advises you.